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I could’ve told him, SJWs won’t stop because they can’t stop. They can never be appeased. It’s never enough for them. If I had called some asshole Feminist’s workplace the internet would’ve exploded in “Righteous Feminist Fury”.

But so long as it’s just a black male game developer that actually exists.. well, he’s a traitor to the SJW movement.

And sure enough the fucking Feminists found out where he worked, called his brimming with integrity female boss, and had his ass shitcanned.

Just, you know, in the event you were under the illusion SJWs gave a shit about freedom of speech, or… I dunno… black people… you can cut that shit out right now.

Incidentally, want to know what his grave sin was? He made a tweet with the hashtag #notyourshield.




1. Feminists
2. Rapists

So basically feminists and anti-feminists

wrong, there are anti-feminist women and we all know women cannot rape.

Asker skullwasabro Asks:
So moot drank the sjw kool aid, there's a mod that hangs out with Zoe Quinn and threads are actively getting deleted for not being "on topic" it seems 4chan has been killed/sold off. Your thoughts?
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Disappointed, honestly.

If you’ve listened to InternetAristocrat’s videos on gamergate and Zoe Quinn, you probably heard him mention funnyjunk. 4chan and funnyjunk were both sites I went to frequently, at the time, and I generally considered 4chan to be the “better” of the two.

But what with the recent developments, that seems to be changing. The anonymous imageboard that constantly flaunted its love for freedom of speech, is now being outdone by the website whose admin has pretty much always been depicted as a harsh dictator.

If you wanna discuss gamergate and all that shit, don’t go to 4chan. Go to funnyjunk. They have threads. The admin is currently developing his own gaming journalism site as well. They will let you talk about it. 4chan is lost.



Moot, a harsh dictator? You mean the guy we loved to make fun of and draw cutesy art of?


>don’t u see, he’s gone to the dark side, he’s a feminist slave now 

>also mfw 


Met Moot once. The guy is super fucking smart about internet marketing and shit. Also, he’s kind of cute.


Moot grew up. And, his userbase can’t stand that.

I used to have a HUGE crush on moot no lie. I am jealous you met him lol.

mootykins a dictator i’m laughing so hard

does op even lurk bro?

It’s kind of funny that you all thought I was referring to moot when I talked about one of them being depicted as a dictator.

And not the admin from Funnyjunk who had/has fucking Kim Jong Il as his avatar on the site.

Y’all are more retarded than I thought.

I mean for fuck’s sake, I said: 

"The anonymous imageboard that constantly flaunted its love for freedom of speech (this is 4chan) is being outdone by the website whose admin has pretty much always been depicted as a harsh dictator.”

You people need to get some fucking reading comprehension.

And moot didn’t “grow up”, he sold out.





Modern feminism, ladies and gentlemen.

Yeah big strong men should stop committing violence to women and people should stop trying to sway the issue…

So it’s only wrong when men are violent, and it’s okay when women are violent.

Modern feminism, folks.

Don’t you know?  Women are the weaker sex, so getting punched in the face by them doesn’t hurt.  And that’s not sexist at all ‘cos a feminist said so.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey DNF, I just wanted to know something. I'm also anti-feminist and, in general, exasperated by sjw's. I just couldn't help but noticed that before I realized all of this shit was happening and that this is how people are actually thinking.. watching the world go crazy around me, I was really happy and funny and I could look at people and just see people. Ever since I got involved in politics in geral I've been.. not myself.. really sad.. How do you get this junk out of your head?
dontneedfeminism dontneedfeminism Said:

Admittedly, it can be difficult. This kind of stuff is not for everybody, and I advise anyone who is feeling worn out or sad because of this stuff, to simply distance themselves from it. Not everyone is meant to do this kind of thing.

But if you are invested in continuing to do this, then just make sure you’ve got other things to do as well. Gaming, reading, hell even a job, are all good distractions. I also recommend following some blogs devoted to other things you love. 

For example, I follow several blogs that post pictures and gifs of cute animals. A couple gaming blogs too.

Basically, just give yourself distractions. Focusing too much on this social justice stuff just makes you bitter and unhappy.




What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse? Would it be taken more seriously? That’s what photographer Richard Johnson hopes to accomplish with his new photo project, “Weapons of Choice.”

The series uses a makeup artist to put bruises and scars on photo subjects. Embedded in these violent marks are some hateful words typically associated with abuse, such as “Stupid,” “Dumb,” “Trash” and others that are much, much worse.

What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse

(via sjwstupidity)


>funnyjunk the vanguard of free speech

Is it opposite day? Will 9gag start making OC and Anonymous stop acting like a bunch of retard  fairy pansies?

da fuq is going on

Step your game up 4chan this shit is embarrassing.

Half the bans on the ban page are from /v/ about this shit.



hi my name’s ace and welcome to i’m fucking sick of social justice warriors

I weep for the species. 






just when you thought tumblr found all the grossly misogynistic articles about women’s appearances on the internet

this gem pops up

It’s RoK, what’d you expect?

I’m going to sit back and wait for an anti-feminist to call this shit out. I expect I’ll have rotted into a skeleton before that happens.

You’re a rottted skeleton backwards in time then, as everyone from Mr. Cap to bluesigma has called this particular post out, you jut haven’t looked through the notes.


Ugh thank you.  judal fucking lives to trash anti-fems.  If one of us is bad we’re all bad, apparently.