You don't really need feminism

You don't really need feminism

Lets have some fun shall we?
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i used to love what feminism was and what it stood for, but now its really fucked up. i wish i could he a feminist now i really do, but with all the stigma i just cant. especially since I've gotten nothing but harassment from self-proclaimed feminists who ive told my story about how i was abused by my ex-girlfriend. they jumped on me and said i deserved it, even when they were people i thought i could trust.
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Back when I was still a sjw type I followed a bunch of feminism blogs hoping to be more educated on the topic. But I didn't feel like I learned anything. Later on, someone I follow reblogged something that was anti-fem. Your url was there so I checked it out. Your blog made a LOT more sense than any feminist blog I've seen. I instantly followed as well as some other egalitarian blogs. My views on gender equality have been a lot more clear since then and I have you to thank. Have a nice day. c:
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Thanks anon :)

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Random thought: I was at the pub the other day and talking to a couple of my friends, all of which were guys, and the topic of one of my friends being assaulted and mugged came up during our talking, and every guy that was there agreed that it's definite that at some point in a mans life he will be assaulted and beaten up. It made me wonder why this kind of violence is accepted but feminists always argue that it is without exception women who are afraid to go out alone
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Because society views men as disposable and women as valuable.

So when a woman is in danger, even if it’s less than a man, it’s still viewed as more important than the man’s danger.

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I'd just decided to make a new blog and searched the tag "feminism" to fill my dash up with social justice type stuff (I was a feminist then) But I found your blog and a few other anti-fem stuff then ta-duh; I was awakened to the dark truth of the feminist movement :P also, thank you for your blog! <3
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You’re welcome!

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Found your blog on a whim. I follow a bunch of women who constantly post pro-feminist statistics that are constantly one-sided never saying about the counter argument. So, I found you becos you fight back. Thank you. btw, Gryphon icon is cool.
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I do love my icon lol


As psychologists point out, a post-traumatic response is just as likely to be triggered by something that has nothing to do with subject matter: a glimpse of the same blue-colored clothing that was visible during a traumatic event, or a certain scent that was in the air that day. 

See also: Balls.

And: Spiders.



“”Saying I use Straw-PoC in my comics is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard””

— -Plebcomics. In case anybody forgot how much of a disgusting, hilarious and completely absurd person they are. They said this to me.



So apparently there was a rumor a while back that cr1tikal works as a substitute teacher.

Could you imagine just sitting in class, waiting for your teacher, when all of a sudden you hear

"What’s up everybody it’s Cr1tikal. Today I’m substituting Applied Chemistry, let’s do this shit,"

That would be the best shit ever.

Like having Gordon Ramsay substitute for your fucking Home-ec class.

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I’m beginning to think that the men’s rights movement could benefit from paying attention to how anti-male bias affects certain marginalized groups.

Think of the stigma surrounding relationships between black men and white women, compared to our (relative) indifference towards relationships between white men and black women.  In the latter case, we’re naturally inclined to see the white woman as a victim, not only because we view male sexuality as predatory and dangerous, but also because of our fear and distrust towards black people in general.  The black man’s identity as a male and his identity as a black person are intertwined.

We’ve addressed some of this directly in a recent post, though it’s come up a number of times.  To make a long story short, the MRM does actually do this.  Unfortunately, it’s hampered by the way men belonging to other marginalized groups have been socialized to blame any issues they suffer on their “acceptable” demographic in a way that precludes any analysis of gender as a source.

The MRM is not Feminism. Most MRAs do not want to co-opt other movements, nor do they want the MRM to be co-opted by other movements. While it is fine and just to advocate for gay marriage, for example, it is not a good idea for MRAs to go out and protest for gay marriage, as MRAs. I’m pretty sure that many members of the LGBT community would not appreciate MRAs reframing LGBT issues as Men’s Rights issues. Feminists have no problem doing this. They will talk about something that effects gay men and women, and trans people, then say “see! We need Feminism.” I see this as shameless self promotion.


Guess who just vandalized posters that said only 1 in 33 men are raped but 1 in 6 women are? That’s right, I did. I wrote the search terms for the Toysoldiers article on how the CDC doesn’t call it rape when you force a man to penetrate you. I did the justice!