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And? The fact you can actually name the individual rapists proves how rarely these cases are brought to trial.

that’s only bc im OBSESSED with teacher-student relationships and you know that. theres actually a ridiculous amount more and those are just a few of statutory “rape” cases that resulted in convictions. 

When 40% of rapists are women and 99.9% of rapists jailed are men, I fail to see how only a handful of arrests do justice.

The funny thing is, even if you use the lifetime numbers from that study, it still puts female rapists at about 16%. Which isn’t much better.

What’s even funnier about that is that the lifetime statistics are so inaccurate, on the side of men, as to be laughable.

The CDC’s study says that only 5.451 million men have ever been forced to penetrate. Yet it says that, in 2010 ALONE, 1.267 million men were forced to penetrate. That would mean that 23% of ALL forced to penetrate cases against men happened in just 1 year. And assuming that the rate would be near-constant for the previous years, it would mean that ALL of the cases of men being forced to penetrate happened between 2007-2011.

Does the CDC offer any possible explanation for a “sudden” appearance of 1.267 million men being forced to penetrate? Nope, because there isn’t one. Their numbers are purposefully low.

Seeing as the rates of men being “forced to penetrate” (raped), and women being raped are nearly the same, it is not unreasonable to say that the lifetime statistics should be nearly the same.

When you divide the lifetime by the yearly statistics for women being raped, you end up with approximately 17.19. Keep in mind this math assumes that the rate of rape is a constant, and not in fluctuation (like in reality).

Now we take that factor of 17.19 and apply it as a multiplier to the yearly statistics for men being “forced to penetrate” (raped).

17.19 * 1,267,000 = 21,779,730 men “forced to penetrate” (raped) in their lifetime.  If you add the lifetime statistics of men being raped, it goes up to 23,360,730.

Compared to 21,840,000 women who are raped in their lifetime.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t even include prison rape statistics.

It is estimated that 5% of prison and jail inmates are raped by other inmates or staff. With a male inmate population of 1,298,027 that comes out to 64,901 men raped each year. A female inmate population of 93,234 comes out to 4,661 women raped each year.

If we multiply these same numbers by the factor of 17.9 from earlier we get the following:

83,431 female inmates and 1,161,727 male inmates who have ever been raped. This brings our grand total of rapes to:

24,522,458 men and 21,923,431 women, in and out of prison, who have ever been raped. Keep in mind that female inmates were more than twice as likely as male inmates to report inmate-on-inmate sexual violence (4.7% vs 1.9%). In addition, 65% of male inmates who reported staff sexual misconduct reported a female perpetrator.

Total lifetime rape victims (male and female): 46,445,889.
Percentage of rape victims that are men: 53%
Percentage of rape victims that are women: 47%

Now, there’s still the issue of *who* the rapists are. So lets try a bit of that.

As we know, from our original numbers, women already constituted 40% of rapists in the CDC statistics.

According to BoJ statistics for inmate rape, using BoJ statistics for inmate population:

4.4% of female inmates in prison reported being raped by an inmate (4,102 rapes)
3.1% of female inmates in jail reported being raped by an inmate (2890 rapes)
1.9% of male inmates in prison reported being raped by an inmate (24,662 rapes)
1.3% of male inmates in prison reported being raped by an inmate (16874 rapes)

Total male inmates raped by other inmates: 41,356
Total female inmates raped by other inmates: 6,992
Total inmates raped by other inmates: 48,348
Percentage of all inmate-on-inmate rapes committed by women: 15%

So far, out of 300%, women make up 95%, or just under 1/3 of rapists. For convenience we’ll say women are now 30% of rapists.
Now on to the staff sexual misconduct.

2.9% of male prisoners reported staff sexual misconduct (37,642 rapes)
2.1% of male jail inmates reported staff sexual misconduct (27,258 rapes)
2.1% of female prisoners reported staff sexual misconduct (1958 rapes)
1.5% of female jail inmates reported staff sexual misconduct (1398 rapes)

Total male inmates raped by staff: 64,900
Total female inmates raped by staff: 3,356
Total inmates raped by staff: 68,256

Percentage of male inmates raped by female staff: 65% (42,185)
*No perpetrator percentage given for female inmates*
Percentage of inmates raped by male AND female staff: 17% (11,033)
Total inmate rapes involving female staff: 53,218
Percentage of all staff-on-inmate rapes committed by female staff: 82%

So now we add up the percentages again. Out of 400%, women account for 177% of rapes. This comes out to approximately 44.25%.

Conclusion: Women account for 44.25% of rapists in and out of prison, and men account for 53% of rape victims.


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