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plebcomics is still using AAVE and homophobic slurs like wow 

where have i used AAVE and where have i used homophobic slurs outside of a setting that didnt directly reference my addiction to vagina

Who even cares if you use AAVE (African-American Vernacular English, aka “ebonics” for those who don’t know)? \

Last I checked, people were allowed to speak however they want.

Oh wait, I forgot, these are the “cultural appropriation” aka “pro-segregation” types.

You sound like a pasty, stale ass cracker.

And you sound like an idiot.

So I think, of the two of us, I’m better off.

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    Actually, I live in the south(ish) as well. I grew up learning quite a bit of AAVE and I can attest that its certainly...
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    Except, if you actually lived in the south, where people use this vernacular, there is no double standard. If a white...
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